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validate module-docker -f <module_yaml_path>
This command validates docker image details provided in module's YAML file.


Required Options
-f, --fileYAML
A path to the module's YAML file.
Additional Options
-schemaversion, --schemaversion
A schema version to validate module against and it corresponds to the generation of weeve modules functioning in our platform (default: v1). At the moment we support: v1
-v, --verbose
Show debug logs.
-p, --published
Indicate whether the module with this name and version name has been already published to weeve platform. Setting this flag prevents reporting module and version name inconsistency as an error during the validation process.
-json, --json
Save output of the validation to RESULTS.json file.

Module validation

The performed validation includes all the checks as yaml-schema validation, and additionally:
  • Verifies details of docker image:
    • validates image/name by checking if the repository exists
    • docker repository name matches module name
    • provided docker tag exists
    • provided docker tag is the same as module's version name
    • image/homepage exists


After running module-docker the successful validation result should look like this:
Successful validation with module-docker command
If provided docker details are invalid or unaccessible, then the module validator will show errors similar to the following:
Failed validation with module-docker command