weeve Agent

The weeve Agent is the edge software that launches and manages the Edge Applications that have been deployed. It transforms edge hardware such as gateways, industrial computers, and smart devices into weeve Edge—Nodes, a managed asset in the weeve Manager.
The following are the minimum hardware and operating system requirements for running the weeve Agent, which include a working internet connection.

Async communication

The pub-sub technique over MQTTs is used for all asynchronous communication from and to the agent. This connection is safe, and only trustworthy clients are allowed to connect and send or receive data across it.
Between the weeve agent and the manager, there are two types of communication going on. The first is used to perform activities on the edge-node, such as deploying, pausing, and un-deploying edge applications. The status messages sent by the agent to the management are the second type.

Status updates

The agent sends its status to the manager, which aids users in identifying and managing nodes based on their status. The status also contains the information about the deployments.

Edge Application Operations

The manager can send commands for orchestrate edge application on the the node. Already deployed edge applications can also be managed using this channel.
Operations that can be performed on the agent area s follows:
  • Deploy
  • Redeploy
  • Stop Service
  • Start Service
  • Undeploy

For installation of the weeve agent and provisioning of a Edge—Nodes,, see the following guide.