weeve is an “Integration Platform as a Service” that bridges the gap between the complexity of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the demands of today’s Data-Driven Business Systems.

What is weeve?

weeve is a high-tech startup building an IoT Data to Business platform for the future of the machine economy. We are founded in the envelope of Europe's leading M2M Company builder; Next Big Thing AG. Our mission is to enable pioneering companies to securely extract new value from an increasingly connected machine economy.
We offer an innovative and standards-based approach to connecting business systems with critical devices, machines and infrastructure to optimize processes, reduce costs, improve decision making and create new revenue streams.

Why weeve?

weeve is the single platform solution for collecting, managing, analysing and sharing insights from all relevant IoT data sources. We handle the orchestration, you stay in control of the data.
With the power of modular edge computing, a no-code building block approach, and an open development framework, weeve elegantly solves multiple problems, including data privacy, data volume and shortage of application experts.
Our modular approach in this development framework separates the functionality of an edge application into independent, interchangeable modules. This method reduces complexity while increasing agility. As a software engineer, you don’t need to be an expert in IoT protocols to create an IoT solution or a master in APIs to deliver data to business systems. You will create edge applications faster and easier by combining prebuilt building blocks with your own invention.

What will I find here?

This documentation provides detailed information about the weeve platform and all of its different units. Moreover, you will also find guides and tutorials on how to develop your own custom solution on the platform or how to evaluate and connect your edge hardware to the platform (coming soon).

Questions & Feedback

Feel free to either join our weeve Discord server or to send us an email if you have any questions or comments about weeve or this documentation.